Favorite WordPress Post/Blogs June 2017

Since my last list of blogs and posts that I like I’ve had some more time to be able to stumble across different posts through my random searches.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)Sorry I’ve Been A Shirt Friend: Multiple Choice Form Letter

I’m horrible at keeping in touch. I get text messages and forget to reply. I miss calls. Blow off hanging out. Part is aneixty,part is I’m just exhausted, part is my bad memory. I really don’t know why I’m like that, but I am. This letter hits home for me. It’s almost a slap in the face, cause it explains how I feel. I need to do better.

When Do I Get The Manual?

I’m glad that I’m not the only one that struggled with adulting. Quinn is funny and honest, which is refreshing in a world of sugarcoaters and fakeness. And I am envious of her adventures across the world.
The first post of hers that I read was Freaks and Fried Butter in Florida, USA. I just had to laugh cause just as the title would insinuate, all the American food weirdness and stereotypes were all in one place (‘Murica), and how Quinn and Scrubs ventured through the deep fried grease trap that is state fair food vendors.

Bonus Points: Life Skills Unlocked: Proper Etiquette

Reading about Quinn going through the headache of “proper” etiquette, and her own family history that led to the ways she does things today triggered a flashback.
My family wasn’t as strict as that, but there was one major thing: drinking. I do have a larger, or longer nose, and when I was younger when I would drink out of a glass my nose would slightly stick in the glass. My mother would have me hold one finger across and top of the glass to stop this, thus causing me to tilt my head back when I drank. Now I tilt back when drinking just about everything, besides cups with straws of course. Because of this, people make comments that I drink prissy or like I’m in a beverage commercial or something. Pinky out,I guess.

Quartz, It took a century to create the weekend-and only a decade to undo it

Being slightly geeky for history and random facts,I enjoyed this excerpt from Katrina Onstad’s book The Weekend Effect: The Life-Changing Benefits of Taking Time Off and Challenging the Cult of Overwork. It’s easy to forget what it took to get the weekend. Lots of people were used and abused before we finally got laws and regulations to protect us in the modern workplace. And here I am practically begging for overtime when at one point in time, even for me, it was required and not an option. This serves as a good reminder to slow it down and actually enjoy life.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

This. Stop what you are doing and read it. You got problems with your relationship? Read this. Don’t know what you are doing wrong? Read this. Need some realism with a serving of humor to smack you in the face? Read this.
Matt knows what he is talking about. He claims he doesn’t kow everything, but he knows a lot. Learn from his mistakes, but if you’re looking for some man bashing and “women are always right” talk, when you will be in the wrong place. He tells it how it is, how he sees it, and where we are all going wrong in relationships.
When I came across his blog, at first I was like “yeah, this is exactly what I’m going through. Why can’t I get him to see he’s being a dumbass.” Then after reading some more it was more like “ouch, that hurts”, though I kinda already knew some of my faults, but it’s a whole other level of reality when you get called out on it. Though it’s more geared towards men, it’s really for everyone, and unless you just know everything about everything, you will learn something.
Last Post: Some People Are Women, Others Are Men, and it’s Getting Hard to Talk About

LongreadsMillennial to Millionaire: Stop Blaming Avocado Toast for Why We’re Not Buying Houses

So first off, you can go to a café or something and get avocado toast? Is that a big city thing? What makes it better than getting your own avocados and put it on your toast at home?
Okay, so I don’t eat avocado toast, so why don’t I have my house? This article shines a light on the disconnect between generations and financial status. Inflation is one of the biggest problems we have now. The value of the dollar keeps going down. It does not have the buying power it did 50 years ago, even 10 years ago. Mix that with a bad economy, and you’ve got problems. Yes, it seems that this generation and the next are a little irresponsible and more concerned about living for the moment (remember “YOLO”?) than for the future, but the whole thing is a lot more complicated than that.
The problem with some richer or more well off people is that they either forget where that came from, or they were never the position to have to worry in the first place. I pray that if I ever get to the point that I can have a very comfortable life and not have to worry about money or other things that I will never forget what I have been though and where I came from. I pray that everything, because I couldn’t look in the mirror if I had become that way.

The Randomness of Hana Nana

Hannah is the voice of this generation, and every generation, past, present, and future. She is the model of what everyone should be. She is awesomeness; you should follow her.

Obviously that last one was a joke haha, but someone has to sing my praises. Well, that’s my list for this month. Do you have any suggestions on some new posts/blogs that I should check out?

Until next time-

Last Post: Food for Thought…

Okay, I had to. Is it wrong to self promote alittle?

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