The Garden 

One moment can change everything. One smile can sow a seed into something greater. Nurture it, and it will grow into something more beautiful than you can even imagine.

But, one moment can change everything. A smile can turn into a look of disdain. As that seed is sown, it feeds the demons within ourselves, pulling us away until we finally let go. And in that moment, what was once a garden has now become a graveyard.


The Past Few Months Through Music

Why does it seem like when you’re sad you want to listen to sad songs? Does it even help? Does it make it worse? I don’t really know the answer, but I decided to show you a little more and what better way through music. These 10 songs are not the only ones I’ve had on repeat, but they show you a glimpse of what I’ve been going through without coming out and saying it. Maybe you will find a new song you’ve never heard of, or maybe you know all of them. Either way, here it is.
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25th Post, 25 Questions

As I start going through the process of starting… to start blogging…again?, I’ve been looking for some ideas to kick start things. One of the things I came across was Megan Has OCD‘s post with 25 get to know me questions. Since I’m still new to it all, and the blogging world doesn’t know much about me, I figured this would be a good post to add to my upcoming randomness. And since I made it to having 25 posts, I figured what better than to have 25 questions on my 25th post. So here we go.

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