Favorite WordPress Posts/Blogs April 2017

Since I have been on WordPress for about two weeks now, I’ve decided to do a short list of blog post and/or bloggers that I’ve enjoyed reading. So here we go.


This guy posted on the same First Friday that I did. Kind of like me, he started his blog on a whim, out of boredom and Google searches. Though he hasn’t posted on over a week, I’m looking forward to see what direction he goes with his blogging.
Latest post: Side Hustle Road to Becoming a Millionaire

Mathy Moments, Allowing Time for the Gears to Turn

I saw this posted on my feed, posted by Michelle M. for Discover. I related to this post a lot. I was never good a math. Anytime we had those one minute test where we had to solve as many problems as possible, I would fail it. My brain just doesn’t get it quick. I have to have to time to process it. Because of this, my confidence in math suffered greatly, causing me more problems going ahead. I remember failing test in high school because I just couldn’t solve the problem, and that following Monday I was able to do it like it was nothing. The slow classes were way too slow and I would get bored, and the normal classes were just a half step too fast. Maybe if they would have just slowed down just enough when I was younger and let me get time to understand what’s going on, it would have been different.

Of Lashes and Leith

Danielle is a beauty and fashion blogger studying in Edinburgh. She covers different products, DIY beauty, and gives a glimpse into her life at Edinburgh. She is also a Soap & Glory Glambassador. She has a DIY chocolate mask that I want to try, if I ever get time. I found her when she subscribed to my blog.
Latest post: Easter Candy-Inspired Makeup Tutorial


Bre’s blog is all about…. working with it… She takes what she has, and creates it into something new, with simple, easy to follow instructions. Whether crafts or even food, she shows you how to work with it.
Latest post: MoveIt Mondays: If your going to go for it, GO for it.

There you have it. Probably as time goes on I will have some more people to add to this list, but for now it’s more than enough to keep me entertained.

Until next time-


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