25th Post, 25 Questions

As I start going through the process of starting… to start blogging…again?, I’ve been looking for some ideas to kick start things. One of the things I came across was Megan Has OCD‘s post with 25 get to know me questions. Since I’m still new to it all, and the blogging world doesn’t know much about me, I figured this would be a good post to add to my upcoming randomness. And since I made it to having 25 posts, I figured what better than to have 25 questions on my 25th post. So here we go.

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Five Goals for the Next 5 Years

With my birthday a month away, I’ve been thinking about how my life as gone so far. Think about the experiences I’ve had, good and bad. The achievements, and mistakes. Moments that I would love relive or redo.
Though my life could be so much worse than it its, I’m still not at a point where I’m content with where I am or where I’ve been. So in light of that I’ve decided to make a list of goals I would like to achieve within the next five years. Some are life long dreams, some are necessary for health and happiness. Let’s get to it.
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How I Ended up in the Box

I knew today was going to be an “interesting” day from the beginning, from the moment I saw one of our gazillion ton dies out in the middle of the five line road, broken into pieces, not even a mile away from work. Big wigs from one of the main companies that we do business with were here, walking around, getting in the way, someone had shoved a million things into the tool crib where you couldn’t even put your foot down without stepping on something, and of course me bumping my arm on the lift and having to fill out an incident report because my supervisor was still here. And that is just the first few hours. Yep, great day. I know I complain about my job a lot, and I guess you’re probably wondering “Hannah, if you hate your job so much, why did you take it? Why don’t you do something else?” Well, number one, the job market sucks right now. If I quit and go somewhere else, either I will have to take a $4 an hour pay cut, or take a $3 an hour pay cut and I’m 30 minute commute will turn into a 45 minute to an hour commute. “Why don’t you apply for a different position?” Nothing is available and you have to be at the same position for 6 months before you are able to apply for a position. Barely making to 3 months right now.“So why did you take the job?” That’s a good question. Guess it’s time I should explain how I ended up in the white box.

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