Favorite WordPress Post/Blogs June 2017

Since my last list of blogs and posts that I like I’ve had some more time to be able to stumble across different posts through my random searches.

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Week One of Blogging

A week ago yesterday, I put my first blog post on Wix. A week ago today, I made my WordPress account and put my first two post that were originally on Wix on my WordPress blog. Currently my WordPress blog has had 70 views, 29 visitors, and 4 subscribers. I’m surprised at that. I’m surprised that I have any views or even subscribes. Those numbers may be low to most of you, but for me it’s way more than I expected. Of course my Wix blog is not doing as great because a) it doesn’t have the community like WordPress does, and b) my link to my blog is still messed up, so even if you accidentally clicked on one of my links to get there you still wouldn’t see it. But that is beside the point. The point is for something that I started randomly, it is going better that I thought it would so I want to thank the ones who have been reading. Whether you landed on a post on purpose or it was a happy accident, thank you still. So, as this first week ended, I came up with some goals that I would like to reach by the end of my first month blogging: clicky clicky for more