What’s in a Name? – Magical Unicorn

One of the many times my mouth has gotten me in trouble.

Summertime is when work usually picks up. That’s usually when the automotive companies launch a new model or generation of vehicle. It was at that point that my regular machine was running 7 days a week, at least 10 hours a day, with the weekends being 8 hours if we were lucky. On top of it, when my machine was down, while the others that worked with me on my machine got to go home, somehow I got put somewhere else and still ended up working those long hours. Sometimes I was trained on the new machines, most of them though I had to figure out how to operate it on my own like most of the other machines I had learned. At some point I was finally getting exhausted from all the long hours and being dragged from machine to machine. I decide to say something to my team lead.

“I’m glad that y’all trust me to learn all this different machines and do everything right, and I appreciate all the overtime, but I’m not a magical unicorn, I can’t-”

“Yes you are. You are a magical unicorn!”

And so it has been since that conversation last year. It is even my job title on Facebook now. And supposedly I’m going to be a unicorn for Halloween too…



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