The Past Few Months Through Music

Why does it seem like when you’re sad you want to listen to sad songs? Does it even help? Does it make it worse? I don’t really know the answer, but I decided to show you a little more and what better way through music. These 10 songs are not the only ones I’ve had on repeat, but they show you a glimpse of what I’ve been going through without coming out and saying it. Maybe you will find a new song you’ve never heard of, or maybe you know all of them. Either way, here it is.
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Maybe I’m not crazy after all…

I was on Facebook the other day, and my friend had posting some results on a personality test she took. Curiosity took over and I decided that I would take the test also. I used to call myself a “C-Type Personality”, meaning “one mixed with multiple contradictions”, but I thought that maybe, by taking this test, I could find something better than that. But before I get to my results, I guess I need to do a little background. clicky clicky for more