The Past Month…

It has been a little over a month since my last post (April 18th to be precise), and it has been crazy at work.

I went from having plenty of time to be able to blog to having to try to get stuff done at home to save time at work for other things. The week before my last post, lots of things had changed at work. Some of the temp workers were let go, some of the permanent employees were let go, some positions were cuts, and some people just straight up left. With positions empty, me and first shift me have had to take on new responsibilities, or as upper management likes to call it, “opportunities”. First off, the Safety Coordinator left for a new job in Miami, which left all of the first aid supplies inventory and stocking our responsibility. With the administrative assistant position cut, we also have to support with replenishing office supplies. And here comes the big one; since the administrative assistant was over the uniforms, we had to take that over too. But since the uniform representative comes at the beginning of second shift, guess who’s sole responsibility the whole thing is? If you guess it was me, then you’re right. And the whole thing has been a nightmare. We had uniforms that were turned in over a year ago still sitting in the plant, returns and received were mixed, orders not placed, or orders made for people who did not want anything ordered in the first place. It has taken me this whole time to get it all to a point where it is not a complete mess. Surprised I have not pulled my hair out over it.
Another thing, they have been working on moving different machines around the plant to make the layout more functional, which means I now have to reconfigure the supply carts for the floor, and since I haven’t been told the zoning yet, I’m having to guess for now. That is one of my home projects, and since I still don’t have a computer, I have to make all these spredsheets by hand and transpose it to the computer at work. Joy.
And on a side note, just to show my luck, my phone’s charging port stopped working this week. I had to take out a loan to get another one, mainly so I could get a new battery to be able to get all the information off my old one, so I couldn’t even upgrade my prepaid phone to something a little newer. Though since I got a new one, I now have the taco emoji since the new one was updated (a lot of flagship phones on Straight Talk you cannot update for some reason), so that’s a plus! (I actually sighed the petition that Taco Bell made to get the taco emoji, so to be able to actually use ot makes me happy.) And going from Android 4.4 to 6.0 makes a big difference.
So that’s my longish short update. Will I be posting more soon? With the way things are going, I honestly don’t know. Since this is a three day weekend, I might go ahead and write a few posts and plan out some more for the future. I do miss the anticipation of waiting for my blogging hour, and having something to distract me from my crazy life. We shall see how things will go.

Until next time-

P.S. 🌮🌮🌮


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