One Month Down, How Many More to Go?

So today marks a month since I started blogging. I had some goals I wanted to complete by this point, though I doesn’t seem like I got a lot of them. But anyways, here we go.

Post at least four times a week

I will tell you, last week has been crazy at work. I have been slammed with some many different things, that I have not had the time or mental energy to even think about blogging. That’s a story for another day. Though before last week, I was posting 4-5 times per week, with half being scheduled posts. Maybe I can get back on track.

Have an average of 5 visitors a day

Haha….. well, once again, not really having time to post on here, there have been about 5 days with no visitors what so ever. Kind of sad, but I understand why. Doing some quick math, I had approximately 2 1/2 visitors for an average since my goal post. So half way there. I might have been better if I was able to post more last week, but that’s the past, might as well work towards the future.

Have an average of 10 views a day

Same thing as above. My average was about 8 views. Almost, but not quiet the goal.

Have at least 9 subscribers

Nope. Only have 6, but that is 6 more followers than I thought I would have. Which I don’t have the more interesting things to say. Oh well.

Have an idea of my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to blogging

So I have the same understanding of my writing as when I started: no focus, bad grammar, and lack of inspiration. Had a poll up asking about my first week blogging. No votes. I was going to do it for every week leading up to this, but I didn’t want to have multiple polls up on my home page if no one was going to vote on them. It’s okay go, gonna keep on winging it.

Make a decision on blogging

Well….. I still don’t know if it’s for me or not. Guess I will just continue on until I figure out it’s not for me.

Make a decision on WordPress vs Wix

Actually did this one, yay. Though April 4th was a little earlier than I was planning, at this moment in time, I don’t regret my decision. One less thing I have to worry about.

Have a follow up post on April 18th

The fact that this is posted means I completed this goal. With how it’s been the past week I almost forgot about it, though April 18th kept popping up in my head. I just couldn’t remember what I had to do on that date until yesterday.

So 2 out of 8 isn’t great, but it’s not a complete failure. I’m just going to keep doing me, and hopefully some good with come out of all this.

Until next time-


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