How I Ended up in the Box

I knew today was going to be an “interesting” day from the beginning, from the moment I saw one of our gazillion ton dies out in the middle of the five line road, broken into pieces, not even a mile away from work. Big wigs from one of the main companies that we do business with were here, walking around, getting in the way, someone had shoved a million things into the tool crib where you couldn’t even put your foot down without stepping on something, and of course me bumping my arm on the lift and having to fill out an incident report because my supervisor was still here. And that is just the first few hours. Yep, great day. I know I complain about my job a lot, and I guess you’re probably wondering “Hannah, if you hate your job so much, why did you take it? Why don’t you do something else?” Well, number one, the job market sucks right now. If I quit and go somewhere else, either I will have to take a $4 an hour pay cut, or take a $3 an hour pay cut and I’m 30 minute commute will turn into a 45 minute to an hour commute. “Why don’t you apply for a different position?” Nothing is available and you have to be at the same position for 6 months before you are able to apply for a position. Barely making to 3 months right now.“So why did you take the job?” That’s a good question. Guess it’s time I should explain how I ended up in the white box.

It all started with the same question/statement that I get at almost every job I have worked: “You should apply for (insert leadership position). You would be good at it!” “Why haven’t you applied for (insert leadership position)? You should do it!” “Why haven’t they made you (insert leadership title)? You should’ve gotten over (random person name).” Started with one my friends saying that I should go for team leader here. I said there were no positions open, and I tried to explain that even if I wanted to, I probably wouldn’t get.

Why? McDonald’s is a very good example. Almost every day I was asked why had (random person) got Crew Trainer and I didn’t? I don’t know why. There was a time when someone asked why haven’t I gotten Crew Trainer yet, and someone else jumped in and said that I should have already gotten swing manager. But no, I was still at the bottom, training people for their Crew Trainer test. That’s how it’s always been for me.

Then a few weeks later, my team lead starts in on me. Once again, no opening won’t get it anyways. This continues for a few months, with a few more friends saying the same things over and over again, with me saying the same things over and over again. Then it was posted. Of course they all came running, telling me to apply. Screw it, if it will make you happy, and you all will leave me alone about it. So I applied. Didn’t even have my interview until a month later. That was awkward. It was just me, the old second shift supervisor that was moving to first shift, the new second shift supervisor that had only been there a few weeks, and the production supervisor, all just staring at me. The new supervisor asked me a few questions, while the old one and the production manager both said they had question but they already knew the answers to them. What does that mean? When I thought the horror was almost over and I was about to leave, the production manager made me promise that if I didn’t get it that it wouldn’t “crush my spirit“ and that I would apply again. Really? That sounds promising. At the time I was on a machine with a girl that applied also. We compared notes, and laugh, and cried, as we watched the other interviewees go into the office. We were both cool about it all. Everyone else, not so much.

We didn’t hear anything until the second week back from the Christmas shut down. They called us into the office one by one. I was second to last. The new supervisor “broke” the news to me that I didn’t get it. Cool, knew I wasn’t going to get it, glad it’s finally over. Tried to leave, but there was more. What? Said that he thought I was too good for team lead (huh?) and there was an “opportunity” that he, the production manager and the plant manager would like to discuss with me tomorrow. I thought it was over. Damn it. Go out, sent my machine partner in, telling her you’ve either got it or you don’t. She got it. We both had a mini celebration when she told me. Others weren’t happy. I’m sorry, get over it?

The next day, I was called into the office for another awkward stare down. Production manager started by there were some many applicants that applied for the positions and that it was between me and two other, but there was only one spot opened. Okay…? And that when a team leader position opens up again, he expects me to apply. Damn it. Then the plant manager said that there is other position that they think I would be perfect for, and that there is not that many that they would trust with. Doesn’t this sound like a setup? He hands me the very vague job description for the Tool Crib Attendant. Said that they are just starting the program at our plant, and that if it successes, then I will help me in the future because all eyes are on it. Let’s call the guy over it to talk to you. The materials manager and the purchaser (my “supervisor”) then proceed to talk about how they are just starting things off, needed good people, how I would even have my own office. Okay… After they left, before I could get out the door, the plant manager comes back in and asks what I think. I said its sounds interesting. Was thinking about just for the simple fact that I’ve never had any kind of promotion offered to me that someone actually planned on giving to me. Then the fact he was just looking at me with those eyes. “So you want it?” “Sure.” “Great!” He runs off to get the materials manager back the “welcome me abroad”, and I started “training” that Friday.

Well there it is. That’s how I got to where I am today. Which, I’ve almost quit so many times it’s not even funny. Maybe one day I will bore on reason why I hate this job. Would probably make more sense to you if there were reasons behind it besides I just hate my job.

Until next time-


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