Drop the Candy Bar: Some of My Favorite Healthier Snacks

There is no way sugar will be cut out of my life completely. I love sweet stuff too much. And as I wandered around the break room mini-mart today, I realized how bad my snacking habits , actually my eating habits as a whole, are so I decided to try something new here and make a list of some of my favorite healthier sweet stuff. Hopefully this will motivate me to start eating better… again.

Naked Boosted Green Machine

As weird as this smoothie looks, it tastes great. Believe me, you ask who wants some blended up kale and wheat grass in a glass, I’m not going to be the first to raise my hand. The main thing you’re going to taste is the pineapple. Yummie. Unless you don’t like pineapple. In that case, there are other flavors for you to choose from. Though it looks like a lot of sugar, remember: there is a difference between natural sugar and added sugar. As long as you don’t drink 20 of these in one day then you will be fine.

Nature Valley Almond Butter Granola Cups

Found these at work when they actually had stuff stocked. I’m not big on almonds, but I figured I would try them. I was surprised how much I liked them. It’s crunchy and sweet, two things I love, together in one. I told a few work friends about it, and we had them sold out in just a few day. Makes us sad that the vendors haven’t stocked them since. But every time I go to the store, I try to sneak a box into the cart.

Planters Tropical Fruit & Nut Trail Mix

Another yummie snack that I found at work, that they don’t want to keep at work. Once again, crunchy and sweet, and a little salty too. Almost the perfect balance of flavor profiles. Just thinking about those yogurt covered raisins is making me hungry. Even if you don’t like trail mix, try it… Unless you don’t like pineapple… Or allergic to nuts…or allergic to anything in the bag… Okay, moving on…


Dry cereal is awesome. Well cereal in general is awesome, but I have two that I enjoy as dry snack as well as in a bowl with milk. Almost any flavor of Cheerios will make me happy. I current have the Protein flavor at home. The other is Fiber One Honey Clusters. Oh man. Those flakes of deliciousness. I got a box one time because the store I was at was out of stock of Honey Bunches of Oats, so I grabbed the Fiber One and fell in love. Sometimes I get a box of the Fiber One and a box of the Honey Bunches of Oats and mix them together. It’s like one has something the other is missing, but together they are magic. Is it weird that I do that? Yes? Well, I don’t care cause it’s delicious.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream?! That’s not healthy! Eating a whole gallon by yourself, no. Eating a ½ cup of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, add a little of your favorite fruit, and you’re good to go. Now when I say chocolate, I don’t mean triple fudge ice cream (though I wish). Just watch out for excess sugars and calories, and only eat a proper portion size, not an American size.


Too easy right? Why eat something that is ready without having to do anything else to it? That’s crazy talk. But in all seriousness, most fruit will satisfy that sweet tooth without any additives or extra sugars. But like all things, make sure you eat in moderation. Even too much water can be bad for you.
So that’s my list for my favorite healthier snacks to eat when I’m craving something sweet. I see a trip to the store after work in my future. Got any more suggestions for sweet snacks, let me know. I’m always up for more food to eat haha.

Until next time-


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