And the winner is…

So today is the day. I have come to a decision between going back fully to Wix, or to move forward with WordPress. Though I was going to give each a full month before making a choice, it’s starting to become daunting to try and keep up with both sites at the same time. So without further ado, the winner is…


It really came down to a couple of times that I couldn’t do on Wix that I could do on WordPress, that seem like obvious things that I should able to do.

Backdating Post

I know I should just post when I want it posted, but sometimes things happen. The way I want it to be on some posts is to “post” around the time it happened, like my post about the Color Vibe. I wanted to do it around the time it happened, but that didn’t happen. When I did have my post ready, I was able to backdate it to the Sunday of that weekend. On Wix I do not have that option. Though I can schedule, I  cannot go further back than the present, which in some situations is not helpful.

Cannot paste in blog on Wix app

I do not have a computer at home at the moment, so for me to post I either have to use my phone or the computer in my office at work. The issue showed itself early this morning when I had some random though process and decide that I would post it. I originally had it in a memo on my phone. I logged into both of my apps the started with WordPress first. I copied and pasted my thoughts, formatted how I wanted, and pressed post. Went to do the same in Wix. Could not, no matter what I did, get it to paste into Wix. Sure I could have just retyped it all, but it that simple fact of that’s such a basic thing to be able to do and you can’t even do it. I was so fed up with it that I didn’t even bother trying to post it. That was when I really made my decision.

Discovery of wp-admin

When I found out about the administrator portal, it gave WordPress some brownie points. I haven’t figured out everything about it yet, but it definitely showed me that WordPress had a lot more options for customization than I thought. I didn’t even know it had a poll plug-in.

So this post will be my finally for Wix, and a continuation of what’s to come in WordPress. Though I will deeply miss my colorful Wix site, with my easy drop and place design, I feel at the moment WordPress is the way to go. I will keep it active for a time and monitor what’s going on (even though probably nothing). Hopefully with some extra time for WordPress, I can write better stuff, or be able to start playing with my design and get it how I want it.

Until next time-


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