Songs called “Warrior”

Since in my last post (here) I mentioned the song Warrior by Steve James, I decided to do a very short post about songs titled “Warrior”. Though of course I’m going to start with…

1. Steve James feat. LIGHTS

First off, as I’ve already said, I love LIGHTS in general. Secondly, just about anything with an upbeat tempo and is catchy, I’m gonna like. Put them together, and there is magic. Bet you I will have it be on repeat for a long time…

2. Demi Lovato

This one, though really sad and depressing sounding, is empowering in many ways. It as been on my phone for years and when I have my music on shuffle and it starts to play, I will usually sit there for the 3:50 minutes and just listen.

3. Ke$ha

Eh…. I like a lot of Ke$ha with the dollar sign’s songs, I like a lot of Kesha without the dollar sign’s leaked demos and I’m looking forward to when she will be able to release her new stuff. This song though…. not so much. I don’t know…. just not my thing I guess.

So I guess I’m done here. Those are a few songs that if you haven’t hear, try out.

Until next time-


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