March Happiness 2017

As depressing of a person I am, I know not everything is horrible and that I do have some things going for me. So because of that, I decided to make a short list of some things that brought me happiness this month, big or small. Maybe this will become a thing. Who knows.
1. The Color Vibe
Last Saturday was busy…but I really enjoyed myself. I don’t get to do that much, so it was a nice change. If there is another one coming around, I hope I can go and bring more people.
2. Warrior- Steve James feat. LIGHTS
♪♫I’m not stopping for ya, I’m a fucking warrior, I’m a warrior♫♪

I’m a big fan of LIGHTS. Not obsessive, but I enjoy her music a lot. So when I saw this song on her Facebook page, I had to listen. I fell in love with it. It is now one of the songs I am being obsessive about for the time being.

3. New hobby called Blogging
For now, blogging has brought me great joy. I have something to look forward to. I still don’t know if this is my type of thing or not, but until I bore of it I will continue to post as long as I have some type of idea.
4.New Mass Effect game released
Even though I’ve got a list of other games I need to finish, my boyfriend and I have been waiting on the next chapter in the Mass Effect series to come out. Though Command Shepard is not in this one, I’m still finding it entertain(only finished the first mission, but it still looks promising.)
And there you have it. A short list, but still things that have brighten my mood throughout this month.
Until next time-

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