Thoughts on Community Pool

So… I didn’t really get that much of a response from my first post on the Community Pool. Which I figured I wouldn’t anyways since it was just a rant about my day. I’m not too bummed out. I’m surprised about the amount I have received since starting. So far I’ve have 52 views on WordPress. That’s 51 more than I thought I would have, and I’m not even counting Wix because most of the views was me checking to see if everything was working and the link for that blog is messed up for the moment. Maybe I’m not that interesting, or maybe random blog post is not what people are looking for, but I hope by next week I will have something better to post on the Community Pool instead of me just rambling how pissed off that for stuff that’s not even that important. Though I have already scheduled two posts on the 30th and 31st, if anyone is interested. And hopefully I will have the post that was supposed to be posted this last weekend up by tomorrow. Even if no one cares about it, I will eventually have it up for my own accountability.

Until next time-


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