One of those Mondays…

Oh this Monday. My boyfriend and I got in a fight over laundry, everything is crazy at work, trying to catch up on blog because I didn’t post this weekend like I was planning, and it’s raining. Got sticky notes everywhere for different part numbers that need to be ordered, Got people calling over the headset needing this and that. Web pages for parts and blogs opened on multiple tabs across multiple browsers. And of course the spreadsheets, emails that need to be send back and forth, pictures that need to be taken so they have an idea of what the fuck I’m talking about.


What my computer screen currently looks like.


Beautiful picture, taken by yours truly, of an electrode that I’m still trying to get the part number.

Then on top of that I find out that my hours got cut. No more overtime. DO WHAT?! That’s the main reason I took this position! Screw this, put me back on the floor. Oh wait, that’s right. They are about to lay off a bunch of people from both Assembly and Press side. Have I complained enough yet? Oh and my legs hurt. Probably from Saturday, but it could also be because of my screwed up body. Eh, enough of this. Guess I will continue doing some work, or at least finish my post that was for Saturday and get it up.

Until next time-


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