A color run and other fun…

For the first time in a while, I actually had things to do during the weekend besides getting groceries and catching up on laundry and videos games. I did my first 5k, and it was also my mother’s birthday. Now first off, I’m not big on exercise just for fun, even though I have a gym membership that I really need to use. What makes this 5k different is it was a color run. Color Vibe to be precise. I’ve never even heard of a color run until my sister and her friend did one a few years back, the Color Me Rad I think. If you don’t know what a color run is it’s pretty much you run around and have a colored powder thrown on you. The three I know of are The Color Run, Color Me Rad, and Color Vibe. If there are others, let me know. The one thing I did not like about it though was the fact that I had to be up no later than 7 in the morning to get ready and have time to get to it. My two friends from work that were going with me didn’t like it either. Here’s a thrown together timeline of how my Saturday went:

And, of course I missed a grammar line, but oh well…

Eh, I know, not the best, but it serves its purpose. To start things off, I got off work at ll:30 Friday night. Now I waited until then you get the pants I was going to go in because the weather has been bipolar past….. well the whole season really, so I didn’t want to get something short and then freeze. If it was going to be really cold, I would have guess worn the yoga pants I wear to the gym. Anyways, I told Kiera that I was going to Wal Mart just up the road from work, so she said she would go with me and help me find something. So we get to Wal Mart and wander around the clothing section. We find a few options of those carpi tights and we head off to the dressing room. Now apparently I have to get a size smaller than what I wear because for some reason they don’t look right on me with my normal size. So Kiera goes and brings back a total of 17 pairs of pants. 17 pairs. I kid you not. So a total of 21 pairs. So I pick one, but they are a little see through since they are a little tighter on parts of me because of the smaller size, which I will have to deal with later. She had a pair of shorts to try, but she ended up not getting them. Before we left to check out, the dressing area’s phone rang. And what does Keira do? She answers it. Does it look like you work there woman? After a laugh and quickly running to check out, we get outside and say our goodbyes and see you tomorrows.

So I get home, throw some cigarettes at my mother, and wish her a happy birthday. Asked her for the millionth time this week where does she want to go for dinner that night. Of course still no answer. So I eat and go to bed. And go to sleep. I said go to sleep. No? No sleep? Okay, whatever. After playing on my phone and trying to force myself to sleep for about two hours I give up. I get up and watch some TV, decided to paint my nails, decide to take the nail polish off after I get finished with it, you know fun stuff. After all that I realized I still don’t have everything I need. First I need something to protect my phone from the powder. You would think since I had over a month to get ready, I would have ordered one of those protective bags or something online. Did I? Nope. So I run to the Wal Mart by my house, get some snack size zip lock bags to put my phone in, a beach towel for the car, a white bandana to semi keep my hair back and just to have something extra for color to get on, and a pack of socks (because of course I’m behind on washing clothes). Get home, and rush to get ready.

By 7:10, I’m out the door and in the car. Pulling out the driveway, I realize that by this time I’m usually asleep. So I make a quick detour to McDonald’s for an iced coffee and a burrito. On the way there I call Shiann, the other one in the group, and see if she is up. She is and I ask her to call Kiera because I’m driving. She says okay. Good. One thing less to worry about. So after if fuel up on caffeine and bad decisions, I start on my 30 minute trip to the run. Half way there, Shiann calls and says that she doesn’t know if Kiera is up because she wasn’t very coherent when Shiann called. So I call Keira myself, and she says she’s up and about to be on her way. I say okay.

I arrive at the color run, and text Shiann to see where she’s at. She said she’s about to leave and will be there in about 35 minutes. Call Keira. She said her phone will not charge and to send her the address. I send it. Next I go and get us signed in, get our stuff, and go wait in my car. When everyone else is starting Zumba, I start walking down the road, looking to see if I could find either one. Eventually Shiann comes down the road, and we go to my car to get ready. By then they are calling everyone to come to the start line. We call, text, and look around for Keira. Still no Kiera. The run started at exactly 8:57. If I could have seen my phone screen completely, I would have seen the text from Kiera at 9:11 asking when the last group was going. There was only three groups, with me and Shiann being in the second. All groups were gone by 9:05.

Shiann didn’t want to run since she got off later than I did, so we walked most of it. There was four color stations, five if you count the starting line where they had this blowers that they were aiming at us as we passing. The first two stations, I barely got any powder. Poor Shiann. Since she was so tall, most on the people were dumping it on her head for some reason, and she kept getting it in her eyes. When we got to the blue and green stations, I finally got some color. FINALLY! The magical unicorn fit into her habitat. Near the end of the run, we see that they already started the after party, and we had missed the first color battle. We started walking faster so we didn’t miss anything. Got our “medals” and went with everyone else. Got our last color packet and threw the powder in the crowd. There were more color throws, another color battle (Team Blue, woot woot!) I thought I Facebook Lived a lot of it, but apparently since I couldn’t see my screen because of the sun, I “pressed” the button instead of pressing the button. So pretty much I was just an idiot pointing my phone at everything. I was mad. But Shiann did. I watched about 10 seconds of it the next day. I couldn’t. I knew I was acting crazy, but still. It’s different when there is video evidence of it. It was deleted before I could fully watch it, but not before everyone at work got to see it. What happens at Color Vibe stays at Color Vibe. Anyways the fun ended, and mostly everyone went home, but we hung out in the parking lot for about another 45 minutes to an hour. We took some pictures, talked about how we were supposed to be on Oreo but without Kiera we were just a cookie with some icing, talked about how there is supposed to be a blowup 5k obstacle course coming soon, and other stuff. Finally we said our goodbyes and left.

Yes, I might have been creeping at the start line, but I thought it was sweet and captured the feeling of the race.
Me, in all my colored wonder.
Got to love my photography skills. Have I found my calling?

Right before I went home I stopped to get some gas, and all the looks I got were funny. I only got a couple while driving, but when everyone saw me standing there in my socks with my face just a purplish color, it was priceless. Got home, and my boyfriend just looked at me crazy. Got in the shower, and got clean, which was a lot easier than I thought it was going be. Pretty much when the water hit it, all the color came off. The only hard part was my ears, cause I’m not just going to spray water in my ears, but I few wet q-tips later I was clean. I remember going to lay down and uploading some pictures to Facebook, and the next thing I know it was 8:00 PM. Since my mom was asleep too, we decided to go the next day for her dinner. So I spent the rest of the night with my boyfriend. We switched it up and went to a different Wal Mart and window shopped. Then we took one of our friends home and called it a night.

The next day we decided for her that we were going to Logan’s. She invited one of her friends, and off we went. I didn’t think I was going to be spending $110 there (I’m so sorry debit card, I didn’t mean it. I promise never to abuse you again.), but since my mother finally got out of the house and had fun doing so, then it was worth it.

So I know that was a lot, but hopefully it wasn’t too boring. If you are interested in doing a color run, I suggest you check it out and see when one is coming your way.

Until next time-


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