Thoughts on First Friday

Today I posted my first blog on First Fridays. While at the moment I only got one comment and a few views, it has been rewarding in a different way.

While eating on my lunch break I’ve had the chance to go through the First Friday thread and read some blogs and comments. Two things got me.

  1. I’m not the only one.

I found quite a few people who didn’t know what they were doing and just winging it. And out of those I found some that started this spontaneously, with the idea coming from getting lost on the Google. So now I don’t feel so crazy as I did when I decided to do this. There are people like me with short posts about nothing, and some with subject matter.

2. The WordPress community

It is amazing how supportive, while still being constructive, the people of the community are. I was almost expecting sometime along the lines of “BOO, GET OFF THE STAGE!” kind of thing. Even if they find it a little dry or not even remotely interesting, they still tell you to keep on keeping on and give you some advice on how to change some things for the better and where to go next. It’s motivation that people like me need to keep going. The fear that no one cares, and one bad comment will make you quit. But it seems that they are about lifting you up so you can see your potential in it all. It’s nice.

So I guess one point goes to WordPress. Wix doesn’t have the community aspect to help when you lose motivation and want to quit. And you’re able to connect to those like you who are trying to figure their way through the blogging world.

Well, I need to finish my lunch, and get to my “favorite” part of my job: spreadsheets…. Joy…

Until next time-


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on First Friday

  1. Spreadsheets can be fun! Granted I’m a bit of a geek who likes bending the rules with them a bit. But still…

    Welcome to the community. I like you, have found everyone to be supportive (only been here three weeks). And often find encouragement from the other users or their BLOGS.

    Your off to a great start!


    • iisthehananana says:

      Thanks. I’m just irritated because I haven’t really messed with Excel that much since community college almost 5 years ago. If I still had a computer at home I could probably have it figured out by the end of the weekend, but with so much going on here I just don’t have the time at work. But yet I have time to be on here….. haha.


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