Wix vs WordPress

I started this whole blogging thing earlier this week. I chose the do it on Wix. Did my first two posts on there, and had scheduled to post my second one the following day. That next day for some reason I decided to get a WordPress account and do it on there. So I quickly threw something together and added both of my original post.


Now I’m in this situation where I don’t know which one to stick with. I haven’t been able to play with both that much, but it does seem that Wix is easier and more flexible to create and change things. Whether it’s because I haven’t learned it yet or that I need to upgrade, WordPress seems very hard to even get simple things done and very limited control. Though if I ever decide what I’m going to do and decide to invest in this, WordPress is easier to update and even transfer to different hosting. Wix on the other hand is still limited even with updating, and transferring is a nightmare, and you can’t really transfer much. So what should I do? I guess I will continue to post on each for a month or so. I might even write about it all.

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3 thoughts on “Wix vs WordPress

  1. You know, I have found that I had the opposite takeaway: Wix was harder to navigate and not browser friendly vs. WordPress being simple, to the point and simple to navigate….but I really do think as a first impression, I am just more proned to think WordPress is the better way. However, I think taking more time on both would be useful and it really just does depend on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

    ~ Bre

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    • iisthehananana says:

      This was mainly a quick post based on the fact I couldn’t figure out how to separate my blog from my home page, even though I have no idea what I want on my home page. But finally figured it out right after I posted this. For now, my only problem with Wix is when I go to publish my page, sometimes it starts flickering black in all the windows of the browser that I’m using it in, and I would have to close the whole browser because it will not stop even after closing all tabs related to Wix. Hopefully I can play with both, and when it’s time to make a decision on which it stick with I’ll know what direction I want to take with this whole blog thing.

      And brownie points go to you for being my first comment ever!

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      • Ah, I think I know what you mean as the home page can be a still post and then your blog page separate from it ( an actual blog tab). Yeah, that sounds like a flash player issue or something not browser friendly.

        No problem ~
        ~ Bre


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