And so it begins…

So I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing here. Not sure if I will publish this (if anyone wants to read any of it at all) or it will be a diary of some sort. Not sure if I will even stick with it and continually post or if this is a one time thing. BUT, I’m doing it now so I guess it counts for something.

My name is Hannah, I’m 24 years old, and currently living in the “glorious” North Alabama area. I work at an automobile parts manufacturing plant as a “Tool Crib Attendant”, but I’m more like the kindergarten teacher’s aide that hands out the craft supplies and makes sure everyone shares. At the moment I live with my mother and my boyfriend of 7 years.

I’m very complicated, almost to the point of contradicting my personally on a daily basis. I have a big imagination and very ambitious, but very shy and sometimes lack the confidence to reach my full potential. I tend to be very untrusting, and only let a small group of people get close.

Honestly, overall I am not happy with the way my life has been going. Most people would say that I’m a negative person, though I try not to be. I guess by doing this I’m to take a step in trying to make my life better. Maybe if I have something to look forward to doing every week or two, then maybe the effects will bleed into my everyday life. So here it is. A small intro into who I am and what my intent is in starting this. So maybe this will become something, or maybe it will be nothing but another random hobby that I’m trying. I guess we shall see.

Until next time-


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